TADHack 2014 – Rich Number Database

As hacking participants at the first TADHack in Madrid we came up with an extensions of nexmo’s Number Insight API to enrich our customers user experience.

As vio:networks provides a sophisticated virtual PBX to its customers we’ll soon offer an RND (Rich Number Database) RESTful API on top of that. With that API it’ll be possible to not only get more information about a mobile number (e.g. check call forwarding before making a call to a roaming mobile) but also about the presence status of our customers extensions.

An example use case could be that for inbound calls to our platform the caller could simultaneously query the status of the called extension via the API and see the users name or that the user has enabled DND on his desk phone. This is the first step torwards enhanced caller IDs.

Another example could be that a customer who has call forward to a mobile number activated can choose not to forward calls if he’s roaming. Instead he could be notified about the call via SMS.

The API is as simple as possible so that we encourage other to implement it their platforms. The documentation and API keys can be obtained soon just email me dpk[at]vionetworks.de for more information.

Update: A few hours ago the video of my presentation was uploaded.

Another thing: I won! Nexmo gave their first prize to my idea – huge thanks to nexmo!!!

Über Dennis Kersten

Dennis Kersten ist Voice over IP-Spezialist und Business Architect bei vio:networks. Er ist für die VoIP-Plattform und die Geschäftsstrategie zuständig. Sie erreichen ihn unter dpk[ät]vionetworks[Punkt]de
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